9 Best Sustainable Marketing Agencies: Digital, Video, Branding & More

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12th Oct 2023


In an era where environmental consciousness and social responsibility are at the forefront of consumer values, businesses are increasingly seeking innovative ways to integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies.

Sustainable marketing agencies have emerged as a result of this, helping brands communicate their commitment to environmental and social causes and align their practices with these values.

Here is our curated list of agencies that excel in delivering eco-conscious and impactful marketing solutions, across a variety of marketing channels from digital to offline.

Best Sustainable Digital Marketing Agency



Location: Worldwide, UK-based


Specialities: SEO, PPC, CRO 

Sustainability policy:

GrowRoom specialise in increasing revenue for sustainable clients by driving more traffic to their websites, via both paid and non-paid online marketing channels. We pride ourselves on the following principles:

  • Provide cost-effective services to drive revenue for our clients
  • Give practical support to offer a bespoke and direct service
  • Offer impartial advice for the good of the client’s business

Have a look at our latest case study, where we grew revenue 155% for a zero-to-landfill house clearance company. 

Best Sustainable Branding Agency


Location: Bristol, UK


SpecialitiesBranding, Sustainability strategies

Sustainability policy:

Enviral help organisations convey their social and environmental stories, taking clients from their sustainability strategy to branding and delivery. We really like their three stage strategy to achieve this – evolve, engage, then amplify.

Best Sustainable Video & Photo Agency

Floom Creative

Floom Creative logo sustainable video marketing

Location: London, UK


Specialities: Video production, editing, photography  

Sustainability policy:

Fin and Harvey’s team are excellent visual content creators. They create fantastic ethical narratives to inspire action, and we were particularly impressed by their video production portfolio.

Best Sustainable Email Marketing Agency


Location: Dublin, Ireland


Specialities: Email marketing

Sustainability policy:

Thooja partner with Klaviyo to automate email flows. Their team of experts can help you leverage Klaviyo to maximise your return on investment through email marketing.

Best Sustainable Social Media Marketing Agency


growfish logo sustainable social media marketing

Location: Remote


Specialities: Social media marketing, Sustainability reporting 

Sustainability policy:

Growfish is a remote agency founded in Barcelona. As well as their name, we like their emphasis on engaging and managing client’s online communities on social media, using your brand’s unique tone of voice.

Best Agency for Sustainability Training


Akepa logo sustainability training agency

Location: Remote


Specialities: Sustainability training, Planning and data 

Sustainability policy:

Sustainability training is something very few agencies offer for clients – but it makes a lot of sense! Akepa offer their own training program which can be tailored to your needs, to educate your marketing team on topics including greenwashing, greenhushing and more.

Best Sustainable Offline Advertising Agency


PSE offline marketing logo

Location: London, UK


Specialities: Direct mail, Door drops, Partnership marketing 

Sustainability policy:

PSE offers three main forms of offline marketing – direct mail, door drops and partnership marketing. We particularly like their approach to partnership marketing, and they’ve worked with some big names including Hello Fresh.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency for Sustainability

The Influence Agency

TIA Influencer marketing agency logo

Location: Toronto, Canada


Specialities: Influencer marketing

Sustainability policy: None

As their name suggests, The Influence Agency are experts in influencer marketing and they have a dedicated landing page for sustainable influencers. TIA are not a sustainable agency themselves, though, hence the lack of a sustainability policy.

Best Agency for Sustainability Communications


Location: London, UK


Specialities: Sustainable communications

Sustainability policy:

Flag has a wealth of experience – 25 years, to be exact – in providing sustainable communications support for businesses. Their work helps build trust and enhance the reputation of your brand, and their site has some excellent case studies to prove it.

How to choose the right sustainable agency for you

1. Ensure they align with your beliefs

As well as reading their ‘about us’ page and sustainability policy, check out their socials to ensure their communication style aligns with your brands’. 

2. Check their case studies

If they’re not shouting about their results, then perhaps they don’t have any results to shout about?

3. Find a specialist for exactly what you need

Especially true of small agencies – you can’t expect a small team to be masters of all areas of sustainable marketing. Understand the areas of support you need first, and then choose an agency that specialises in that area of marketing. Be wary of full-service agencies.

4. Read their reviews

Look beyond the reviews the agency has chosen to showcase. Check their Google reviews as well as reviews on agency directories such as Sortlist and Clutch.


Frequently asked Questions

A sustainable marketing agency is a marketing firm that is dedicated to conducting its operations in a manner that is environmentally, socially, and economically responsible.

Sustainable agencies prioritise eco-conscious principles and practices in their marketing strategies and daily operations.

Green SEO, also known as eco-friendly or sustainable SEO, refers to the practice of search engine optimisation with a focus on environmental sustainability and ethical principles.

Green SEO incorporates eco-friendly and socially responsible strategies into the process of optimising websites for search engines.

Green marketing, also known as environmental marketing or sustainable marketing, refers to the process of promoting products or services based on their environmentally friendly attributes.

The primary goal of green marketing is to encourage consumers to choose products or services that have a reduced impact on the environment or offer sustainable benefits.

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